Herd Leasing - Applications

Who qualifies?

CowBank wants to support farmers who:

  • Are passionate about dairy and livestock farming
  • Have the skills to manage livestock, grow grass and feed cows
  • Have a track record in operating a dairy or livestock farm business
  • Are honest, capable and ambitious

General criteria for herd lease applications

  • Minimum $80k initial herd lease
  • Clients retain a minimum of 20% replacement heifers per year to enable replacement of cull cows

Information required for applications

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Up to three years of financial and dairy/livestock farming history
  • Farm budget for the future, including the proposed new cows
  • On-farm visit by CowBank

Please call today to ask questions or discuss your specific application (1800 300 269).

Call: 1800 300 269
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