• Herd leasing

    Herd leasing enables dairy farmers to lease cows (new or existing) as a means of funding their herd asset.

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Farmers Say
"It gave our family an opportunity to grow ... it was a wonderful start to a great relationship with CowBank"
 - Ted Conheady (Noorat Dairy Farmer) See more & Video...


Herd Leasing For Sharefarmers and Lessees

For sharefarmers and lessees

Sharefarmers and farm lessees can utilise CowBank to grow or leverage their cow herd.

When starting out, sharefarmers and lessees generally need to own some existing cows or heifers, or have some other assets to qualify for a herd lease.

The landlord will need to sign an acknowledgement to say they know CowBank has leased cows on their farm.

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